By continuously educating herself on the latest techniques, and being present for every single client that lays on her table, Stephanie has built a successful massage and bodywork practice over the last 23 years. She has worked in a variety of settings, including plastic surgery, chiropractic, and orthopedic offices, as a therapist for professional sports teams, and now in her own private practice in the lovely 50th and France neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Through her work in getting professional athletes healthy and back in the game as soon as possible, she has created her own style of muscle work that gets the job done. She uses a combination of traction, stretching, scar tissue release, and compression to get the long-lasting relief her clients rely on.

Stephanie’s own health was her inspiration to get started in this field. She’s excited to have incorporated other modalities of wellness into her practice over the years, including personal training, nutritional recommendations, couples massage classes, and cold water exposure coaching. She is currently studying life coaching, hypnosis, and psychedelic therapy, and looks forward to adding additional services in the near future.